How do I join a game?

You log in then queue up and then once the lobby is full you ready up. Once the Game Chat window opens up, one of the 8 players has to find an available server.

What about voice chat?

There is a CEDAPug discord, otherwise just use in-game.

Where can I find servers?

Checkout the servers page. There are multiple steam groups with available servers for competitive play.

How long do I have to ready up before I get kicked out of the queue?

About 60 seconds give or take. There is no plan to add a visible timer.

How does experience based queues work?

Checkout the experience page for more information.

Why am I getting unusual FPS lag?

Using the connect button to launch your game may result in FPS problems.

What are the rules? What if someone makes trouble?

Act like a decent human being. If someone is making trouble, you can contact any of the admins.

Can I set my steam profile back to private?

Yes, CEDAPug will remember your Left 4 Dead 2 hours and still allow you to chat and join queues.

How do I donate?
Contributions help keep this website running and are needed for this to work. We don't plan on including any ads.